Leica launching a global limited lens

Famous camera manufacturer leica recently released a Red special edition lens, this lens for Red Summicron 50 mm lens, aperture of f / 2.0, electroplating a layer of Red plating outside.

Image result for leica Red Summicron 50 mm lensImage result for leica Red Summicron 50 mm lens

The leica Red Summicron 50 mm lens at the same time equipped with a pure cowhide grey shell and lens cap.

Leica said, as the world’s most clear standard lens, this is first introduced lycra red special limited edition, and will launch in December. To emphasize its properties limited, lycra special said this lens global set limit to 100, only for the photographers and fans of interest, definitely has a special meaning.

Now that is a limited edition of origin leica lens, then the price does not poor. It is understood that the Red Summicron 50 mm f / 2 lenses at a price of $8950.

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